Talk to Pam and let her help you

get back on track for the happy

life your were born to have.


For forty years Pam has been helping women get organized through her books, seminars, videos, television shows and speeches. Pam was a personal coach for Flylady, helping her step-by-step find her way into writing books and establishing content for her website.

So many of you have voiced a desire to talk with Pam, and now you can! There’s nothing like sharing your feelings with someone you know understands you the way Pam does.

Now you have the opportunity to tell her what’s on your mind and receive time-tested advice specifically for you. Here’s what she has to say:

I'd love to talk to you, get to know you and motivate and inspire you to have a home that pleases you. Just think of me as a personal fitness trainer only we aren’t going to work on your body, we’re going to work on your home to get it organized just enough to please you. Life is meant to be fun and I know I can help you find joy in getting organized.

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An hour talk with Pam is $100 or a half hour is $75.

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This call will be confidential and you may tape it if you like.

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30 minute call ($75.00)
1 hour call ($100.00)