SHE De-junking Video and 3×5 cardfile system

she_3x5_comboThe Legendary SHE De-Junking video AND 3×5 cardfile system are now together! Hundreds of thousands of women have gotten organized over the years using this these tools. 

The special package includes the thirty-five minute video that'll help you look at your belongings with new eyes, sort and store what you want to keep, and get rid of the things in your home that no longer serve you.

If most of us are piling up our treasures and the rest of us are in denial, this light-hearted, liberating video is for everyone. It tells the truth about our “stuff” and makes us want to let it go.

Here's a portion of the video.



This system includes pre-created 3×5 cards so you can easily make your own cardfile system to get organized. In addition, the files are in both Word and PDF formats with daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal 3×5 cards already filled out.

You can customize them anyway you want. Print the cards on cardstock available at Office Max, Office Depot or your favorite stationery store in colors of your choice, readily and set up your cardfile system.

You'll love this great tool because it’s fun and will save you hours of work!


The De-junking video & 3×5 Cardfile System Contains:

  • The SHE De-Junking Video
  • Grocery List editable and printable in Word, allowing you to customize to your family
  • Daily Yellow Card Templates
  • Weekly Blue Card Templates
  • Monthly White Card Templates
  • THE Lists
    This 26-page document has daily, weekly, and monthly lists, travel checklists, and more.

Each of the lists are available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF reader formats.

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